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Richard Noss Елизабет Фюрх

Професор в University of Teacher Education, Vienna

Кратка биография

Master of Education and Education for special needs (University Vienna, Austria)
PhD (Education) (University Vienna, Austria)
Teacher Trainer for Education/Humanities at the Pedagogical University of Vienna Lecturer at the University of Vienna
Curriculum Development (C.A.N.E. – Cultural AwareNess in Europe/Master Curriculum, German as a Second Language, Training of Mother Tongue Teachers)
Trainer in the PESTALOZZI-Programme of the Council of Europe
Co-ordinator and partner of various ERASMUS-Projects (CDA - C.A.N.E., CDI, IP - VIENNET, COMENIUS 2 - CABLE, Network-projects: LinguaInclusion, AMuSE)
Member in different projects of the CoE (ED-DS, LEPP, PESTALOZZI)
Research: Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Methods of Language Learning, esp. Second Language Learning, Cultural Awareness
Publications in the field of Education (Focus: Migration, Multilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, School Research, Research in Teacher Education)